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Locate the right staff or the right company for you at A1 Staffing Solutions, with staffing offices in  New York City. We offer resources for restaurants in need of workers and potential restaurant employees to get in touch with each other. Contact us to learn more about our employment agency.

Staffing Your Company
To find the perfect employee for any position, our staffing offices interview all applicants for qualifications, references, and other criteria. With the convenient services we provide, restaurants can skip the advertising and find the right person right away. No more will your ad get lost among all the listings. Our staffing offices will save you money with our free services for restaurants

Finding You the Best Job
Are you qualified for a restaurant position? Come into one of our staffing offices to interview. We will judge your qualifications and see what kind of work you are capable of. Following an interview at our staffing offices, 90% of the time we select a job for you the same day. Job opportunities are available throughout the New York area.

Server, Staffing Offices in Brooklyn, NY
Contact us at our New York City locations to schedule an interview at our staffing offices.